Dinner O’Clock at The Meeting House, Temple Bar, Dublin*

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On Saturday evening (January 23, 2016), myself and Aaron went to The Meeting House for dinner, which I was super excited about having been for both breakfast and brunch before! You may remember that for the breakfast event with Killer Fashion, I was treated to fruit salad and poached egg, salmon & vegetables; and for brunch I enjoyed was a mix of sweet and savoury dishes. So following these two delightful events, it was no surprise that I’d very much be looking forward to trying out what they offer for dinner. The Meeting House is known for its Burmese style food, with the dinner menu compromising of a variety of delectable dishes that are served similarly to tapas.

We ordered two dishes each; I opted for the Mini Asian Beef Burgers & Prawn Tempura, and he chose the Mini Asian Chicken Burgers & Pepper Crusted Steak. The burgers are similar to sliders in size, but served in between toasted steamed coconut buns, both with pickled cucumbers, lettuce, coriander & crispy onions. And my gosh were they delicious! The beef was well cooked & seasoned, the toppings were fresh and worked beautifully with the meat, and the Wasabi mayo on the side…well I went for it and it nearly blew my head off! The prawn tempura was just perfect; light tempura batter that covered the entire prawn, which was extremely succulent once I bit into it, served with a Ponzu sweet soy sauce dip that tied it altogether. His dishes looked & tasted just as good. The sirloin steak was pepper crusted, seared and sliced atop a bed of pak choi, snap peas & enoki mushrooms, and served with the TMH Asian salsa verde. His verdict was definitely a positive note, and he had the same love for the chicken burgers. We also had a taste of the TMH Chocolate Truffles for dessert, as you all know I have quite the sweet tooth and couldn’t resist that temptation. The selection included four truffles, three with toppings; cocoa, coconut, almond & pistachio – and I loved every one of them! The chocolate of the actual truffle is so rich, creamy and full of delicious flavour, and the toppings go with it so perfectly. Definitely a must if you opt for dessert, probably best with coffee or a cream-based liqueur.

I also have to note the drinks tasted at The Meeting House. The cocktails were divine! To start I opted for the Mai Tai, my all-time favourite cocktail and the TMH mixologist definitely did it justice as it was perfectly on point. Strong, sweet and had the right mix of rum, orgeat, curaçao & lime. I did have a second Mai Tai, and then two Porn Star Martinis, which were delightfully sweet and perfect as a digestive drink. The mix of vanilla vodka, passion fruit & Prosecco were very evident, I could taste each flavour in every sip and that’s exactly what you want. He tried the Irish Apple Mojito, Mai Tai and Lychee & Lemongrass Sour(he was more adventurous than I), and was impressed with each of them too. We also experienced The Meeting House’s upstairs bar for the last two drinks; an intimate lounge area with velvet furnishings & dim lighting that’s perfect for any Saturday night.

Overall this was such a delightful & delicious dinner. I really can’t fault it! All of the staff catered to us so well, they were truly friendly & professional. If you’re looking for something that’s both different & delectable then I recommend The Meeting House, Temple Bar! Their menu offers so many delicious dishes for dinner, (but also for weekend brunch.) Two to three dishes are recommended per person, giving you a taste of a variety of flavours and definitely a full belly. And remember, sharing is caring!



Mini Asian Beef Burgers & Mini Asian Chicken Burgers (both served with steamed coconut buns, both with pickled cucumbers, lettuce, coriander & crispy onions)

Prawn Tempura

Pepper Crusted Steak (served with pak choi, snap peas, enoki mushrooms & TMH Asian salsa verde)

Chocolate Truffles


Mai Tai, Porn Star Martini, Irish Apple Mojito, Lychee & Lemongrass Sour


The Meeting House, Essex Street East, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Click to visit The Meeting House

Thank you to Emer of Yellow Machine PR for the invite and to Eva & the entire staff at The Meeting House for a delicious evening of food & drinks.


Images © Nirina Plunkett, The Meeting House/Courtesy of Yellow Machine PR

*I did attend as a non-paying guest for this experience, but that does not influence the authenticity of this review.

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