My Favourite Restaurants in Ireland: Opium, Wexford Street

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Cookie FM Rating – 5/5

If you’ve been following my blog, socials or know me IRL, then you already know my love for Opium on Wexford Street. A multi-storey restaurant, cocktail bar and venue space, when it comes to dishes that are full of flavour and cocktails full of alcohol, with THE nicest staff, Opium is always my go-to.

I discovered Opium when I started working on Camden Row back in 2013, only a few weeks after they first opened – and my gosh what a blessing that was. Opium is one of my very few Forever Favourites and oh how I have been here many, many, many times! I’ve been here for lunch, brunch, dinner, drinks, I’ve attended events and have held & hosted events and parties here, because frankly; Opium has it all.

Enjoying a Proseccolada cocktail in the Botanical Garden, June 2021

The decor is classy, atmospheric, funky and comfortable with a vast variety of leather booths or tables & chairs in both the main restaurant and the upstairs Cocktail Lounge, both of which also house a full bar. Then there’s the Botanical Gardens for more joyous occasions with a retractable roof and seating for outdoor dining, as well as Opium Live, one of the best city centre venues that hosts their nightclub, music venue and can be rented as a private function space; and also their Rooftop Terrace for even more bar bants.

Over the years Opium has had a few upgrades and renovations, notably its 2018 revamp and the 2020 Covid-19 PPE additions. The decor has always stayed true to their Asian fusion aesthetic with stunning artwork, flora and fauna aplenty, neon and fluroscent lighting and their energetic yet often chilled playlists. Opium has been home to my first dates, with the girls, for birthday parties and business lunches – it’s truly a great spot for all occasions & events, often lead by epic DJs and live acts.

Opium is my favourite restaurant in Ireland.

Perhaps hard to believe considering the number of restaurants and Michelin-starred eateries I’ve dined in, but at Opium I have never been disappointed. In fact, I’ve celebrated my birthday ever year at Opium since 2014! It’s also where I had my first ever Mai Tai cocktail, made for me on the night of my first birthday party where my friend then-manager Clinton whipped up the delightfully strong cocktail knowing my love for rum…and it’s been my favourite cocktail since!

Beef Rendang, Chicharron, Asian Greens, Shaking Beef

The food here has always been bang on. Obviously very important when talking about restaurants. Opium Head Chef Philip Hughes and his expert team of chefs always deliver. Their ingredients are always fresh, and I specifically adore the selection of vegetables that come with every dish. There’s nothing worse than ordering a dish and all you get is meat and sauce! Never at Opium, their chefs understand the need for a ‘rainbow plate’. Their use of spices and spicy chillis is very well balanced, whilst their side dishes pack the right complimentary punch or crunch needed.

At this rate, I have tested & tased almost every single dish from the starter, main and dessert menus. Oftentimes when I visit with friends or family, they can ask if this dish is good or if that dish is very spicy, because they know I’ve had it before!

A few of my favourite dishes include:

The main dishes Beef Rendang, Chicken Cashew, Massamam Curry, Suckling Pork, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, and Scallop & Prawn, as well as starters BBQ Chicken Satay, Thai Dumplings and the Gyoza selection. Oh and all of the desserts! Plus when it comes to sides you have to order the Chicharron!

From their food & drinks to their loveable, helpful & friendly staff, after you’ve visited you will definitely understand my love for Opium. I am always recommending this place, especially for lunch, dinner & events, and I’ll continue to do so.

Officially, Cookie FM highly recommends!

OPIUM, 26 Wexford Street, Dublin 2

(01) 526 7711 /


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Photographs © Nirina Plunkett & Opium

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