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My Top Movies of 2021

Impressive. Exciting. Heartwarming. Amazing.

It’s no secret that at Cookie FM HQ, movies are a biiig part of my life! So with the dark evenings still looming, the lack of nightlife in town, and the cosy-ness of your bed or couch, here are my top rated movies from last year. I am subscribed to a number of streaming & on-demand services, that it’s almost too easy for me to watch a movie a night. But these top rated movies aren’t all 100% new movies, but also include classics that I’ve not watched before, or just not rated before! I use IMDB as my movie source and reference for everything, so it’s only fair that this list includes those I rated a 9/10 and 10/10.

Happy movie marathon!

My Top Movies of 2021

Notable Mentions – 8/10

Nirina xx

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