EVENT – Sweet Republic for Your Sweet Tooth with Zomato

At the beginning of December I attended my third #ZomatoMeetup for quite the tasty foodie event, at Sweet Republic by Decobake. This was an evening of pure indulgence as this City Centre spot is every bit a not-so-guilty pleasure a desserts house should be. It was such a fun night post-holiday, as I caught up with one of my besties Mei Ling, as well as the Zomato team. Inside Sweet Republic, you’re greeted with an ice cream parlour style set up, with jars of toppings & cookies and sweet treats on display along with drinks and Propercorn. The design of this dessert house is so striking; with the multicoloured pop art on the walls and gem-drop chandeliers, it’s the epitome of fun reflected in their menu that has a variety of treats to choose from.

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When we arrived, we were welcomed by the staff at Sweet Republic and treated to any one dessert & drink of our choice. Their sweet selection includes smores, crepes, sweetza, stuffed cups, muffins and doughnuts and the ultimate smore waffle sandwich. And there are also milkshakes or hot chocolates to choose between but I made the final decision and opted for the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate (their Winter special!), and the Smore Waffle Sandwich with Oreos & Reese’s Peanut Cups! My oh my, I was not disappointed. The hot chocolate comes in a mason jar, with a smooth texture, and a strong chocolate & ginger spice flavour to it. It’s also topped with a scoop of ice cream, giving it that creamy finish, along with whipped cream, caramel sauce and crushed ginger biscuits atop. It’s served on a plate with a long spoon – a definite must-have for this glorious hot choc as it tends to spill over! And there was that smore waffle sandwich. I mean…where do I even start?! Okay so, it’s two soft Belgian waffles, stuffed with marshmallows that have been flambéd and a ridiculous amount of chocolate in between, served with broken up Oreo cookies and Reese’s Peanut Cups and more chocolate sauce drizzled over it all. Phenomenal is really the best adjective here! Every bite tasted divine, and it all worked so deliciously well together. It may be a twist on the classic smore, but it’s a very good one in my books. 

Colourful Jenga, mini Nutella tubs and chit-chat – a perfect way to have a #ZomatoMeetup. Some of the group dressed up in the tutus and headpieces provided by Sweet Republic, which reflects their fun-loving attitude perfectly. We also played a game of sorts; as three teams took part in a milkshake decorating challenge! It was gas craic from the get-go, as we planned our ‘design’ of what we aimed for, and laughed ourselves silly with the outcome.

This was such a brilliant & fun experience! The food is truly scrumptious. You may feel like you have a food baby afterwards, so I would advise to share one of the big desserts if you don’t want to be in that food coma we all know about. And if you’re feeling cheeky (or working Christmas Week!), why not treat yourself to some Sweet Republic food at lunch with DeliverooIt’s a perfect spot for Christmas time too, with friends, family & the kids – so if you do stop in let me know how you got on.

Sweet Republic by Decobake, 26 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1

Click to visit Sweet Republic

Thank you to Aisling & Karen of Zomato for the invite and brilliant coordination, and to Amy & the staff at Sweet Republic for all the delicious food and drinks.


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Images © Nirina Plunkett, Sweet Republic/Courtesy of Zomato

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