The Travel List

As well as loving food and music, traveling has become an exciting hobby since I finished college. I love to visit the cities and villages within Ireland, but also love to fly abroad to both sunny and snowy destinations. But there are SO MANY more places to visit – and so I have The Travel List.

A collection of (mainly) cities that I want to see, to learn more about their culture, immerse myself in their history, and eventually eat their cuisine, the world really is my oyster. Below are the places I have already visited (bar smaller villages in Ireland and Britain), whereas further down is The Travel List, which I hope to tick off before the end of time. From Europe to the further continents, there are many countries I want to visit.


  1. Ireland: Dublin, Cork, West Cork, Kerry, Kilkenny, Mayo, Clare, Belfast, Fermanagh
  2. Germany: Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Stuttgart
  3. France: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, La Rochelle, Cannes, Nice
  4. Italy: Rome, Florence
  5. Denmark: Copenhagen
  6. The Netherlands: Alkmaar, Amsterdam
  7. Malta
  8. Portugal: Lisbon
  9. Spain: Tenerife
  10. Greece: Volos
  11. Bulgaria: Borovets
  12. USA: Austin, Texas
  13. Monaco: Monte Carlo
  14. Poland: Warsaw
  15. England: London, Manchester
  16. Scotland: Glasgow
  17. Cuba: Havana
  18. Belgium: Brussels
  19. Mexico: Tulum

The Travel List


  • Scotland: Edinburgh, Dundee
  • Italy: Modena, Venice, Pisa, Milan, Naples
  • Spain: Girona, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • Iceland: Rekyavijk
  • Greece: Santorini, Hydra
  • Poland: Krakow
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland
  • France: Loire Valley

Asia, Africa & Oceania

  • Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto
  • Madagascar: Antananarivo
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Morocco: Marrakesh
  • New Zealand
  • Indonesia: Bali
  • Fiji
  • India
  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney


  • Barbados
  • Canada: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
  • USA: Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami
  • Mexico: Mexico City, Cancun
  • Panama
  • Brazil: São Paulo
  • Ecuador
  • Hawaii: Honolulu

Why not let me know of somewhere you’ve been that you recommend for me to travel to!

Nirina xx

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