Head Wax Radio: Dublin’s Fresh New Jazz FM*

Music with no talk!

It’s no secret how in love with music I am, but I’m also very open to many different genres. Growing up I listened to a lot of jazz and soul music, thanks to my uncle, who would lend me albums by Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder and Louis Armstrong; but also because of Christina Aguilera, who introduced me to the wondrous Etta James.

Jazz FM was Dublin’s top ‘pirate’ radio station for all things jazz and soul music for 9 long years, from 1995 until 2004. Though it hasn’t been on our airwaves in a long time, the station was relaunched online in August 2020 with a fresh new name: Head Wax Radio!

Head Wax Radio has a distinctive sound to what you may already here on the radio. And as it’s operated by people who love great music, you just know it’s going to be class!

Their mission is to bring listeners a more diverse selection of music genres. They play both classic and contemporary jazz, funk and soul tracks, as well as up-and-coming fresh new artists, bands and sounds.

Listen to Head Wax Radio Now!

“That’s the music we like to hear and we hope you do too. We launched this radio station to build a place that would bring people together through the great music that is played on air.

Our goal is to help you build a larger and better understanding for these genres of music, this then helps to forge your own personal musical journey that will leave a lasting impression on you.” – Head Wax Radio

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