Nutrition and Health Coaching: Ending My Journey with Eat Food Right*

The Aftermath: Maintaining a Healthier and Happier Me

It’s hard to believe that 12 weeks ago I started my Eat Food Right journey. I really enjoyed learning more about eating the right food and establishing a healthier diet and lifestyle for myself through Rachel’s guidance. At the beginning I started journaling my daily eats, my sleeping patterns and exercise, and noting just how much tea I drank in a day!

After our video call consultations, I felt very inspired to really work on my eating habits and to eat better. Rachel taught me about which certain foods I may have an intolerance to and helped me with creating a Food Plan, making me look forward to food shopping and to cooking, a passion I already had. Cutting out and eating new certain foods, I began to feel better in myself after the first two weeks.

Cooking and food prep at home became even more experimental, for the better, and became tastier too! Before I wasn’t great at eating breakfast, but with Rachel’s help I properly understood how to enjoy a tastier start to my everyday. I was adding nuts, seeds and fruit to my breakfast, making smoothie bowls and also switching up how I eat eggs. I noticed how much better I felt and I was much more energetic for longer after only five weeks.

Snacking also became less frequent but more healthy and a little more adventurous – mini meals as Rachel calls them. I didn’t cut out the good stuff but stuck to my dark chocolate nibblles, and I don’t feel guilty about having them!

When it came to lunch, I was a stickler for bready food! Wraps, toasties, sambos, bagels, plain bread…you name it, I loved it! Rachel taught me that though these aren’t all bad food, switching for brown breads and crackers was better, and cutting down on these altogether was even more so. In addition, I was having proper meals at lunchtime and upkeeping the energy levels throughout the day.

For dinner, I used to always have a big meal as I would come home from work about 7pm pre-lockdown. This was also my ‘big meal of the day’, but since learning to cut back I’ve swapped the meal size and even the carbs for lunchtime, often resulting in meat/fish and veg for the evening.

My sleeping patterns improved hugely too, when I realised how much caffeine I was intaking from my many cups of tea on a daily. Following Rachel’s advice to cut out caffeine altogether after 3pm, I noticed the improvement after many great nights’ sleep. This was a big plus for me, as I used to toss & turn for hours, and wake up frequently in the middle of the night. And I don’t miss the black tea – I hardly even notice the difference in taste.

Another excellent switch I made was my milk intake. Cow’s milk seems to disagree with me, and after Rachel sussed that I may indeed have a lactose intolerance, I switched onto lactose-free milk for my black tea & decaf black tea, and opted for coconut yogurt and coconut milk for breakfast and smoothies.

Overall, my Eat Food Right journey has been truly successful! Yes I’ve lost some weight but more importantly I’m more comfortable in my body because now I know what I’m eating is good for me. Rachel’s advice is not only easy to follow, but she really helps you understand how to eat better and how to create a foundation for your life in the long run. As a foodie, this has been an enjoyable journey and I do recommend you contact Rachel for your journey.

Visit Rache’s website Eat Food Right to learn more about this 1:1 Package

Eat Food Right offers the above at €125 for the diary analysis and consultation, with the plan presentation and 3 follow up sessions at €60 each, the total consultation process over the 3 month-period is €365. Furthermore you can also avail of other services:
– Personalised grocery shopping in your local supermarket with you to show how best to shop for your requirements
– In-house individual cooking classes with professional chefs using the foods purchased to match your needs

Nirina xx

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