EVENT – The Meeting House Launches New Brunch*

Cookie FM Rating – 4/5

Last Saturday (November 7), I was invited to attend the launch for the new brunch menu at The Meeting HouseTemple Bar. It was an extremely enjoyable early afternoon with the girls, as I brought Ellen with me and met up with Mei Ling, Kassi & Christelle, grabbing a table at the foot of the steps that was the perfect spot for listening to the brilliant in-house jazz band, Jess Kav. November is a month of innovation at The Meeting House, as invitees came to celebrate the launch of their unique & new Burmese Brunch, which promised a lot of delicious food & drink – and boy did it deliver! Having been once before for a breakfast event with Killer FashionI was thoroughly looking forward to this bruncheon.

We were treated to freshly made juices and bespoke fruit salads along with a breakfast cocktail to kickstart the event. I had the raspberry, ginger & orange juice and it was divine, a refreshing start and worked beautifully with the exotic fruit salad. I skipped the breakfast cocktail, though Mei Ling did say it was delicious and strong! For the second round, we had a duo of perfectly poached eggs that came with crispy glazed pork belly on a bun and the TMH hollandaise sauce – a tasty twist to a brunch classic. To say it was delicious is an understatement, because it is so much more than that! All of the individual flavours of this dish worked beautifully with one another, so much so that I would have loved another one. Previously I’d had the smoked salmon with poached eggs, a true brunch classic, which also delivered on presentation & taste.

Next was the TMH toasted Bao Bun, which was filled with their aromatic smoked beef, which was succulent & flavoursome, and an array of fresh vegetables. Visually it was beautiful, and its taste definitely complimented its presentation. We then finished our brunch with blueberry pancakes, two mini cakes made with fresh berries, infused syrup & coconut soy yogurt in the batter. They disappeared within two minutes!

The overall experience of this brunch was so enjoyable. If you’re looking for a new brunch spot, Cookie FM truly recommends The Meeting House! You can order any 3 dishes for €27 OR any 6 dishes for €49, both of which are extremely great value. The service is very friendly & professional, and the menu offers so many delicious dishes it’d be a shame not to visit again. As Arnie says, “I’ll be back!”

 Tried & Tested


Fresh Exotic Fruit Salad (served with mint, fresh coconut, infused syrup and coconut soy yogurt)

Glazed Pork Belly (served with two poached duck eggs, on toasted coconut bun and TMH smoked hollandaise sauce)

Hot Smoked Salmon Fillet (served with two poached duck eggs, sautéed mushrooms & tomato, on toasted coconut bun and TMH smoked hollandaise sauce)

TMH Toasted Bao Buns With Aromatic Smoked Brisket of Beef (served with crisp lettuce & cucumber, TMH salsa verde, Asian raw vegetable slaw, crispy sweet potatoes)

Blueberry Pancakes (served with fresh berries, infused syrup & coconut soy yogurt)

The Meeting House, Essex Street East, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Click to visit The Meeting House

Thank you to Anthony O’Brien of Yellow Machine PR for the invite and brilliant coordination, and to the entire staff at The Meeting House for a delicious afternoon of food & drinks.

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Images © Nirina Plunkett, The Meeting House/Courtesy of Yellow Machine PR

*I did attend as a non-paying guest for this experience, but that does not influence the authenticity of this review.

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