Getting Spicy at Lumanti of Nepal, Rathgar

Well-Balanced Spices. Joyous Staff. Delightful Dinners.

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It’s no surprise that I love heading out for dinner. But since the COVID-19 safety protocols and the Government regulations, I find it more important now than ever to support our local restaurants, and especially those that are family-run. Myself and my bestie bride-to-be Caoimhe headed for dinner on Saturday night to Lumanti of Nepal in Rathgar, and my was it gorgeous! My second time visiting, this Nepalese cuisine restaurant is family-run and has been in the heart of the community since the 1980s.

Delivering authentic recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, partners and owners Krishan Kumar (KK) Dangol and Gangaram Shrestha have dedicated their lives to bringing a real taste of Kathmandu, Nepal to Ireland. And that they do, with an extensive menu of Starters, Main Courses, Desserts and Sides as well as sharing options.

On my most recent visit, we were seated in the upstairs dining room, and treated to poppadoms and dips whilst deciding on our dishes from the A La Carte Menu. For this occasion myself and Caoimhe opted for the Assorted Platter to Share (€17 for two people/€34.50 for four people), which gave us tasters of four different starters, then for my main courses I ordered the Chicken Tareko (€17.50) and Garlic Nan (€3.50).

(Pictured and described from top to bottom)

The sharing starter platter included four starter selections: Masu Ko Bari, which were delectable cubes of spiced minced lamb in a mild tomato sauce; Jhinga Macha, deep-fried tiger prawns in a light spiced batter that were full of flavour; the Lollypop Chicken, which were delicious succulent barbecued chicken wings that were sweet & spicy; and the Sabji, which were delicious vegetable fritters deep-fried with crushed cashews and jwano seeds (lovage). Each of the starters was divine, full of well-balanced spices, and it was a great way of deciding what I’ll order the next time as my appetiser!

My main course, Chicken Tareko which I’d ordered without rice, was a beautiful marriage of herbs, spices, meat and vegetables. The strips of barbecued chicken were served with a medley of bell peppers, onions and spring onions, and mixed perfectly with the holy trinity (garlic, ginger & chillies), spices and dotted with fresh herbs on top. I asked for Medium Hot, which was bang on! Spicy enough to make me a little sniffly but not overkill that I couldn’t enjoy the overall flavours. The garlic nan was a delightful accompaniment, heavy in garlic and butter that mellowed the spices of the Tareko. I devoured every last bite!

Caoimhe ordered the Dal Bhat (€22.50), which is a traditional selection of four different dishes, with rice and homemade chutney. She loved it, said it was truly flavoursome and very filling. A popular dish ordered by those who’ve been to Nepal, you could easily share these between two people.

The staff, who are all family and Nepalese, are the most friendly with warm smiles, great banter and an attentive attitude that has made both visits to the restaurant truly memorable. A big thank you to all at Lumanti of Nepal, I highly recommend you support and visit them soon!

Myself and Caoimhe

Tried & Tasted


Lollypop Chicken (Medium-Spiced Barbecue Chicken Wings, tossed in a Sweet and Spicy Tomato-Based Sauce)

Jhinga Macha (Deep-Fried Prawn in a Slightly Spiced Batter)

Sabji (Mild Deep-Fried Vegetables in a Light Batter with Crushed Cashew Nuts and Jwano (Lovage) Seeds)

Masu Ko Bari (Cubes of Medium-Spiced Minced Lamb with Garlic, Ginger, Spices and Fresh Herbs, served in a Tomato-Based Sauce)

Momo (Handmade Steamed Nepalese Dumplings Filled with Chicken, Blended with Handful of Spices and Served with Lumanti Special Momo Chutney)

Main Course

Chicken Tareko (Barbecued Pork or Chicken Strips, Gentle Tossed in a pan with Crunchy Onions, Capsicum, Ginger, Garlic, Chillies, Soy Sauce and Fresh Herbs. Served Medium to Spicy)

Tandoori Butter Chicken (Tandoori Chicken On or Off The Bone, Cooked in a Rich, Thick and Creamy Masala Sauce)

Lumanti of Nepal, 88 Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

Call on (01) 492 0633 // Click to visit Lumanti of Nepal

Nirina xx

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Images © Nirina Plunkett

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