Nutrition and Health Coaching: Eating My Way to a Happier Me with Eat Food Right*

Weeks 3-5: Eating healthier,feeling better

For the past few weeks I moved into the next stages of my nutrition and health coaching with Rachel Young of Eat Food Right. Using my weekly food plan, I have been really watching what I’m eating but without feeling stressful about it. I broke each week into breakfast, lunch and dinner, writing out exactly what meal I will have, as well as which snacks I’ll allow myself on a daily basis. A proper guilt-free food plan!

I’ve always found my evening dinners to be the easiest to cook, but breakfast and lunch have been a little trickier to make me feel satisfied and fulfilled, especially since I’m no longer working in an office. But thanks to Rachel’s guidance, the past few weeks have been a breeze. I have been eating more fruit, seeds and nuts, which I found give me more energy for longer, and cutting back on white bread by 90%, that’s resulted in me feeling less “stodgy”. And that sure is a great thing!

As I’m already a big lover of cooking, knowing whch foods are good for me and for my lifestyle, and which I need to add and eat more, cooking has become more exciting. I am experimenting with different ingredients and flavours, while keeping in mind which protein, carbs, fats and fibres I put on my plate. I’m also eating foods I’ve not eaten before, and I’m not exactly a fussy eater so it’s fun trying and really enjoying new foods.

Visit Rache’s website Eat Food Right to learn more about this 1:1 Package

Eat Food Right offers the above at €125 for the diary analysis and consultation, with the plan presentation and 3 follow up sessions at €60 each, the total consultation process over the 3 month-period is €365. Furthermore you can also avail of other services:
– Personalised grocery shopping in your local supermarket with you to show how best to shop for your requirements
– In-house individual cooking classes with professional chefs using the foods purchased to match your needs

Nirina xx

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