Nutrition and Health Coaching: Healthy Small Steps with Eat Food Right*

Week 2: Creating My Individual Food Plan

This week I moved onto the next stage of my nutrition and health coaching with Rachel Young of Eat Food Right. After starting my food diary and two video call consultations, I now have guidance for what’s best to eat for my health and lifestyle. Rachel took into account any allergies and intolerances, and what my goals were: losing weight, feeling healthier in myself, and generally eating better. From this she guided me with creating my personal food plan, which foods I should eat and which I will slowly cut out, portion sizes and meal structures too.

Over the weekend I then created my own weekly food plan for the next few weeks (starting from Week 3), setting out what I’ll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as which snacks I’ll allow myself on a daily basis. I am also going to attempt drinking more decaf black tea but then cut off mid-afternoon to try help my sleeping pattern, and swap for herbal teas in the evening. I’ve added more fruit, seeds and nuts to my plan, and lowered the amount of carbs I’ll intake. I will also be eating non-white carbs, including black, wholegrain and red rices, chickpea spelt and wholegrain pastas, rye bread and crackers, and overall less potatoes.

Food shopping wasn’t more expensive than expected either, as the supermarkets have their own brand that are just as good. Rachel also sent me photos of products she recommends, many of which I managed to pick up very easily or already had in the house but didn’t quite know what to do with. So now I really am ready to  eat food right!

Visit Rache’s website Eat Food Right to learn more about this 1:1 Package

Eat Food Right offers the above at €125 for the diary analysis and consultation, with the plan presentation and 3 follow up sessions at €60 each, the total consultation process over the 3 month-period is €365. Furthermore you can also avail of other services:
– Personalised grocery shopping in your local supermarket with you to show how best to shop for your requirements
– In-house individual cooking classes with professional chefs using the foods purchased to match your needs

Nirina xx

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