Nutrition and Health Coaching: Getting Healthy with Eat Food Right*

Week 1: Journaling What I Eat

This week I started my nutrition and health coaching with Rachel Young of Eat Food Right. Self care and being healthy has been more important than ever, with the Coronavirus pandemic. Being at home day in, day out has taken a bit of a tole on my habits from what I’ve been eating to exercising. In the countdown to my 30th birthday this July, I have been wanting to get healthier in both how I look and feel.

I met Rachel a while back through events and am delighted to be working with her and for her to be my nutrition coach for the next three months. For my first week, Rachel asked me to begin journaling what I eat and drink (this includes A LOT of cups of tea…about 6 or 7 on average!), the exercise I do, my sleep pattern and how I feel throughout the day. As someone who has always been a journal-writer, this was a fun week’s project and made me really look at what I’m putting into my body.

We then had a really great video consultation call, where Rachel asked me a series of questions to better understand my health and eating habits, as well as my lifestyle and routine. I loved answering these questions (I’m a survey lover!) but also found it very comfortable to talk to Rachel. Her insights into certain foods and habits were real eye-openers. Following on from this, Rachel and I will discuss my individual customised plan on our next video consultation call, which I’m super excited for!

Visit Rache’s website Eat Food Right to learn more about this 1:1 Package

Eat Food Right offers the above at €125 for the diary analysis and consultation, with the plan presentation and 3 follow up sessions at €60 each, the total consultation process over the 3 month-period is €365. Furthermore you can also avail of other services:
– Personalised grocery shopping in your local supermarket with you to show how best to shop for your requirements
– In-house individual cooking classes with professional chefs using the foods purchased to match your needs

Nirina xx

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