Summer Vegan Lunching at Elle’s Bar & Bistro in Iveagh Garden Hotel*

Vegetables aplenty. Healthy. Summer-licious.

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When it comes to healthy eating, Dublin has really had a wondrous turnaround. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are becoming increasingly popular on restaurant and café menus, but at Elle’s Bar & Bistro the chefs have it down to a tee. A personal lover of vegetables, I don’t limit myself to a diet but sometimes I just want a tasty dish of vegetables. Therefore when invited to sample the new Summer and Vegan Menus at the newly launched bistro, I was more than excited.

The new spot to be in, the Iveagh Garden Hotel, has excelled at interior design, customer service and now dining options. Guests who do follow a vegetarian or vegan diet will be pleased to know that they are well catered for at Elle’s Bar & Bistro, thanks to Head Chef Darren O’Brien and his brigade.

Summer Lunch at Elle’s Bar and Bistro // MONDAY TO Friday 12-4PM // Saturday & Sunday for Brunch and Lunch // TO BOOK YOUR TABLE CALL (01) 568 5500

One of the dishes I sampled was the Cauliflower Tempura served with an Asian-style Salad that hit all the right spots for me. A delicious tempura batter that encases spiced cauliflower florets, beautifully crisp and complimented by the salad.

Then there’s the Superfood Salad that just bursts with freshness and flavour. Made with quinoa, long-stem broccoli, avocado and blueberries, edamame, watermelon and vegan feta, this salad was just divine! (Although I did not have quinoa due to my allergy.)

I also enjoyed the Spelt dish with Grilled Artichoke Heart, Kalamata Black Olives and Vegan Parmesan. A tasty and hearty main course, the combination of artichoke, olives, vegan cheese and herbs was delicious.

The Pan-Fried Salmon main I had was magnificent. An excellent piece of salmon fillet cooked with mussels, samphire and grilled baby potatoes, it was served with a mild curry cream. I could have eaten this dish over and over again, it was divine!

For dessert I had the Almond Rice Pudding, which was surprisingly light while still very tasty. I’m a big fan of rice pudding, and often make it at home, but I’ve never tried it using almond milk. Served with a mixed berry compote and toasted almonds and a dollop of whipped almond milk, it was a sweet finish to a delightful meal.

I really enjoyed my lunch at Elle’s Bar and Bistro! The staff is polite and professional, and very knowledgeable of their new menu. I also enjoyed a gin and tonic from their ‘Low Cal’ drinks, where they serve my favourite: Ha’Penny Spirits Gin and Schweppes 1873 Ginger Ale. Only a short walk from the top of Grafton Street and St. Stephen’s Green Park, as well as a handy stop on the Luas Green Line at Harcourt, be sure to visit Elle’s Bar & Bistro this summer, and enjoy their gorgeous Botanical Garden Terrace too.

Tried & Tasted


Watercress & Potato Soup (Red Pepper Pesto and Grilled Pitta Bread)

Cauliflower Tempura (with Asian Salad)

Superfood Salad

Spelt (Grilled Artichoke Heart, Kalamata Black Olives and Vegan Parmesan)

Salmon (Mussels, Grilled Baby Potatoes and Samphire)

Almond Rice Pudding


Ha’penny Spirits Gin and Schweppes 1783 Ginger Ale

Elle’s Bar and Bistro at The Iveagh Garden Hotel, 72-75 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

CALL ON (01) 568 5500 // CLICK TO VISIT Iveagh Garden Hotel

Nirina xx

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Images © Nirina Plunkett, Elle’s Bar and Bistro, Iveagh Garden Hotel

*I did attend as a non-paying guest for this experience, but that does not influence the authenticity of this review.

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