Afternoon Tea Delights at 10 Fleet Street Restaurant in The Morgan Hotel*

Delightful. Delicious. Delectable.

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Afternoon Tea is much-loved by the Irish as well as myself, and recently I brought my bestie bride-to-be to 10 Fleet Street Restaurant & Bar for a spot of those tiny delicious cakes and savouries. I’ve been to this venue on numerous occasions, settler within the heart of town, the proud restaurant and bar of The Morgan Hotel. Having received an impressive refurbishment in 2018, the aesthetics of both the restaurant and hotel are very pleasing on the eye. Turquoise and dusty links with gold accents and classy decor, the interior is a wonderful mix of Art Deco meets modern designed by Nikki O’Donnell.

Infusion Afternoon Tea at 10 Fleet Street Restaurant & Bar // Monday to Sunday 12-5pm // from €30 pp // To book your table call (01) 643 7010

We were seated on the couches on a Sunday afternoon, where our server Vanessa took great care of us. The Infusion Afternoon Tea includes a selection of scones & cakes, finger sandwiches, and desserts alongside complementary tea or coffee – myself and Caoimhe opted for one of each respectively.

The presentation of the Infusion Afternoon Tea is so cute, the food came out on a three-level cake stand, with colour being one of the first things I noticed. Vanessa explained to us what each of the sweet and savouries were, then brought the Prosecco glasses we’d opted for.

I’m never sure where to start with Afternoon Tea, but went straight for the savouries – all of which were excellent. The aged beef and horseradish purée had great flavour, while the crab was zesty with lime and crème fraîche. The gin salmon infusion was well-balanced and complimented with cucumber and that treacle brown bread, and the soy infused chicken sandwich was hearty and flavoursome. What I also loved was how there was a salad to go along with the savouries, made up of orange, pomegranate, lemon, rocket and pea-shoots.

Next I moved onto the miniature scones, which were freshly baked and light, and The Morgan hazelnut bread with a banana caramel infusion. The latter was delicious – if they sold a whole cake of it, I’d have brought it home! Both were eaten with a mixture of the blackberry jam, cream, and soft butter.

The sweet desserts were quite the delight, while the solo warm chocolate sauce intrigued us greatly. Restaurant Manager Fatih explained that the chef adds this chocolate sauce to the selection, for you to try it with whichever you like. So we had it with almost all the sweet bites!

The desserts consisted of a zingy Lemon Posset that was refreshing in every bite, amped up with raspberry; a luscious Vegan chocolate cake served with a Turkish delight jelly; and Crème brûlée topped with a biscotti that was the crème de la crème to finish this Infusion Afternoon Tea.

In between all the chatter, myself and Caoimhe polished off the entire selection of Afternoon Tea, which is a first for me! The portions were a perfect size, leaving us well satisfied without feeling we’d overeaten. The Bewley’s tea (my favourite!) and Prosecco also went down a treat, and we did also opt for a couple of cocktails each.

Service at 10 Fleet Street Restaurant & Bar is top-notch, while the chefs executed Afternoon Tea beautifully. Flavoursome and well priced, I can happily recommend to visit The Morgan Hotel’s foodie avenue for this taste of sweet and savoury.

10 Fleet Street Restaurant & Bar offers you Afternoon Tea at the weekends, plus lunch, dinner and bar bites during the week, and delicious cocktails after hours.

Myself and Caoimhe

Tried & Tasted

Infusion Afternoon Tea

Miniature scones, jam, cream, butter

Morgan hazelnut bread, banana caramel infusion

Crab, lime crème fraiche, chive, lime gel

Gin salmon infusion, juniper dill aioli, pickled cucumber, treacle brown bread

Soy infused chicken, garlic, tomato, herb focaccia croustade

Aged balsamic rare beef, cured beetroot, horseradish purée

Orange, pomegranate, lemon, rocket, pea-shoots

Lemon posset, raspberry

Vegan chocolate, Turkish delight jelly

Crème brûlée, biscotti

Warmed chocolate sauce


Bewley’s Earl Grey Tea

Valdo Mallesimato Prosecco, Italy

Cocktails: The Gift (10 Fleet Street’s charity cocktail), Hot Rose, Cherry Tree, Ruby

10 Fleet Street Restaurant & Bar at The Morgan Hotel, 10 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2




Images © Nirina Plunkett, The Morgan Hotel

*I did attend as a non-paying guest for this experience, but that does not influence the authenticity of this review.

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