Cookie FM Nirina Boeuf Steak Review

Top Class Steak at Boeuf, South William Street

True top class steaks with endless combinations.

Cookie FM Rating – 5/5

If you know me well, then you know that I am a big lover of a good steak. Ireland is renowned for our beef, and thankfully we have dozens of restaurants around the country that can cook and serve a more-than-decent steak. When heading for dinner, I don’t often specifically choose to go for steak, however on an impromptu dinner outing with my friends, I came across Boeuf and oh how I am very, very happy I did.

Dedicated to the mighty steak, this French inspired spot is in the heart of the city, located within Dublin’s Creative Quarter and on one of the most popular streets for dining and nightlife. South William Street welcomed Boeuf to the neighbourhood only last year, but already it’s become a favourite for locals and visitors alike.

We nabbed a seat in the heated outdoor terrace, which provides blankets for those extra nippy days and evenings. It took a longer-than-expected amount of time for me to decide exactly what I was to order, as not only does the restaurant have a great choice of sauces and sides to accompany your chosen steak, but is also in abundance of toppings – something that I have never seen on a menu before. After a little while of going back and forth between the appealing choices, I opted for the 10oz Prime Rump cooked medium-rare with the Peppercorn Raclette and Garlic Butter as well as sides of French Beans and classic Pommes Frites.

One thing I know about food and dining out is that presentation is key. Well, Boeuf definitely has this down to a tee, as our steaks all arrived under silver cloche, on a slate plate and was served atop a toasted ciabatta slice and sautéed onions with fresh herbs. As I ordered the ‘Steak Fromage’ option, our waiter came back out with the hot, melting raclette and topped my steak at the table, which was quite the drool-worthy sight. Flecks of pink  from the peppercorns and dots of golden butter on a juicy prime rump – I could not wait to tuck right in!

Cookie FM Nirina Boeuf Steak Review

The steak was cooked to perfection and just how I like it (medium-rare but closer to rare), my knife cut through with ease, and tasted absolutely divine. The combination of the hot peppercorns with the Swiss cheese and that Irish meat was a true marriage made in foodie heaven. The steak also stayed hot throughout my whole meal, which is a big plus, and every bite was as delicious as the last. You really need to have an appetite for this beef cut as it really is a big piece of meat but luckily time was aplenty, allowing me to happily and wholly clean my plate. My sides really added to the meal too; the fresh and al dente French beans were served with a peppercorn and herb crumb lime, plus the pommes frites were both crisp and fluffy, all of which I delighted in with a glass of red wine.

This meal had me enjoying every single moment, from the extensive menu and its excellent prices, to the presentation and superb flavours, and the accommodating and very friendly service. I am still really impressed with the value of Boeuf – considering the 10oz prime rump only costs €14 sans toppings. The majority of the ‘Enhancements’ range from €1.50 to €2.95, therefore your meal isn’t going to be overpriced, (there are special toppings and sides that cost more, like Sautéed Prawns and Grilled Raclette Home Frites).

I got such a thrill out of this experience, and Cookie FM easily recommends visiting for your next steak dinner, and I know I’ll be back to try a new combination!



10oz Prime Rump with Peppercorn Raclette


French Beans

Pommes Frites


Maison Belleroche Malbec, Languedoc

Boeuf, 63 South William Street, Dublin 2

CALL ON (01) 677 1546 // CLICK TO VISIT Boeuf

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Images © Nirina Plunkett

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