Album Review: Bebe Rexha – All Your Fault: Pt. 1 (2017)

Cookie FM Rating – 4/5

I only began listening to Bebe Rexha late last year, and boy have I been missing out. This young songstress doesn’t just have good flow and sick beats in her music, but heartfelt and unapologetic lyrics. And that’s a combination I just adore! Oddly enough I came across her for the first time when she hosted the MTV European Music Awards in Rotterdam, Amsterdam last year, and she’s been on my radar since. I listened to her debut EP, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (2015) as well as her feature on Me, Myself and I with rapper G-Eazy, and fell in love. Her tone and her messages behind the songs had me addicted so I’m delighted that this year saw her second EP release.

All Your Fault: Pt. 1 is only a five track listen and starts off with Atmosphere, a hip hop power ballad. The lyrics immediately spoke to me as I’ve experienced a ridiculous amount of heartbreak and break ups, and this one speaks about that feeling and that moment when all you want to do is hold on as the other walks out. The backing track is simple, but simple enough to convey the message Bebe puts across. Small Doses has a similar slow sound but definitely grows as it progresses through its over-three minutes play. Lyrically, it paints the picture of an on again-off again couple, and how being with a person can be addictive even when you know it’s not healthy, I’m sure many of us can relate to that too. The sounds of this track explore more R&B influences, complimented by Bebe’s vocals.

“I didn’t mean to fall in love. Took one hit and I was gone. Gotta get my fix so I can sleep… Feels like I’m making love to the enemy.” – Small Doses, Bebe Rexha (2017)

The EP does of course include more upbeat tracks, including I Got You, which is the milder of these. What I love about this one is. F.F.F. (feat. G-Eazy) and Bad Bitch (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) are the explicit tracks, the former which is an acronym for ‘Fuck Fake Friends’, a collaboration with the young singer’s friend and rapper G-Eazy. It unapologetically disses those who pretend to be your friend to climb your ladder without the realness of sticking around later. And sure we’ve all had one or two of those. The latter of the aforementioned is another curse words-laden track, but this time referring to oneself as being the “baddest bitch” and being better than any “basic bitches”. Sorry but this is American culture influencing mediocre lyrics at its best. And the feature rap is unnecessary; it does nothing more for the song.

In between the two styles Bebe presents is Gateway Drug, which plays on similar notes of Small Doses but in a more progressive style. The sounds of grime and hip hop mixed with pop create quite the track, and the lyrics display another picture of that feeling of still wanting the good, knowing the bad & ugly is to follow.

Overall I do love this album, even if I don’t love all the songs equally, because I feel as an EP it has delivered her message and furthermore it’s delivered her talent to the world. It’s been on repeat and I already look forward to her next record. And if she tours through Ireland, I would love to see her live!



  1. Atmosphere
  2. I Got You
  3. Small Doses
  4. F.F.F. (feat G-Eazy)
  5. Gateway Drug
  6. Bad Bitch (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

CLICK TO LISTEN TO All Your Fault: Pt. 1 by Bebe Rexha ON TIDAL


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Image © Bebe Rexha, Warner Bros., Records Inc.

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