EVENT – Brockmans Gin Launch in Bar at Rustic


Midweek events are my favourite; it helps break up the day from work and the weekend and gives me plenty to talk about, as well as to blog about. I was delighted to attend the launch of Brockmans Gin earlier this month (November 2) and taste their intensely smooth gin in numerous ways alongside an exclusive blindfolded botanical experience of guess the spice. The event was held in the impressive Bar at Rustic by Dylan McGrath, the middle-level of the Rustic Stone on George’s Street, which was a truly perfect venue for it. The bar has a sophisticated feel to it, with black leather chairs, round tables and dimmed lighting, as well as a fully stocked bar that lights up the room.

The one aim was to create a gin Like No Other; one that was so intensely smooth and delicious you would happily drink it neat over ice. Honing the intricate balance of botanicals took time as they explored the vast array of complex flavours and taste combinations. It was a jointly funded passion where quality was never sacrificed and the finest botanicals were sourced from around the world.

Upon arrival guests were presented with a Brockmans Gin & Tonic, served with ice and lemon peel, this was quite the strong concoction for someone who isn’t a usual gin-drinker, but I managed to sip my way through that globe glass. Next up was the Brockmans Bramble, a gin twist combined with lemon juice, sugar syrup, crème de mure and blackberries over ice. This was a tasty little treat, and sweet enough for me to happily drink the glass empty. Then it was time for some bubbles, as the next round was the Gin Fizz. This cocktail starred Brockmans Gin with lemon juice, Gomme syrup and is topped up with soda water and a citrus peel twist with ice. This tall drink had great flavour and was a popular choice among guests, though my favourite was the Brockmans Bramble.

For the evening, we were spoiled with bites from the Finger Food Menu, which included Mixed Olives and Crunchy Bread Sticks to start, followed by Sweet Chilli Peppers, Cubes of Melon, Chilled Marinated Prawns with Avocado & Cucumber, and Potato Pieces with Truffle Mayo. We were then treated to the mini sized but still hearty Hamburger, as well as Salt Cod Brandad, Beef Sandwiches and the Crunchy Cauliflower Colombo Florets. Every single bite was delicious and full of flavour, the food in Bar at Rustic is genuinely so tasty. My favourite were definitely the Salt Cod Brandad and the Beef Sandwiches, but I’d happily eat a platter of any/all of the above.

We also were treated to a bit of fun, as we entered another room of Bar at Rustic, to take a shot (or sip) of Brockmans Gin and then be blindfolded to try identify the nine botanical scents & flavours. Myself and friend Lawson Mpame of men’s fashion blog Laws of Style gave it a whirl, and I reckon I got at least seven scents correct! Afterwards we returned to the main bar area for more drinks and dessert, including a Panna Cotta Meringue that looked like a little snowman! Live music and great atmosphere in the room, it was a very enjoyable evening to introduce this new brand.

Bar at Rustic, 17 South George’s STREET, DUBLIN 2


THANK YOU TO Shani FOR THE INVITE AND ORGANISATION, AND TO Mike & Megan of Brockmans Gin for the drinks, and to the staff in Bar at Rustic FOR ALL OF THE delicious food and service!

Images © Nirina Plunkett, Bar at Rustic, Sasko Lazarov

*I did attend as a non-paying guest for this experience, but that does not influence the authenticity of this review.

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