Brunching at Eden Bar & Grill

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Last weekend (February 28, 2016) I went for brunch with the girls from work, and gosh was I excited! I love going out with the girls, and the friendship I’ve made with these girls is irreplaceable. As a foodie and the blogger of the group, I’m expected to know all the hot spots – but the honest truth is that I don’t know everywhere! So I was delighted that Claire suggested we dine at Eden Bar & Grill, South William Street, which funnily enough is right next-door to my favourite bar, Dakota! This restaurant is surprisingly big on the inside; with seats at the front window, tables & sofas along the walls with a main bar, and then a large Parisian-style dining hall at the back.

I ordered the Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Rosti, alongside the Gingerbread Bourbon cocktail – though it was hard choosing just one of each, their menu is that good! My brunch dish looked absolutely stunning. So much so, I didn’t really want to eat it because I would be ruining the culinary creation of that chef. But of course, I did eat it and it was delicious! The sweet potato & butternut squash combination is a beautiful one, both in colour & flavour and was surprisingly light too. The rösti, a shredded and fried vegetable patty, was served underneath broccoli & spinach, with two perfectly poached eggs atop, half a roasted tomato, crunchy sweet potato crisps and salad to garnish on top. Everything was seasoned as it should be, with herbs, salt & pepper and as I mentioned, it was beautifully presented. And the accompanying little pot of hollandaise sauce was just perfect – I got plenty of sauce and that’s just how I like it.

We were cheeky and ordered dessert afterwards, and all of us opted for the same one: Chocolate Mousse! It came in a little jam pot,  topped with raspberry compote and chantilly cream, gold-dusted popping candy and a white chocolate pencil. The mousse was absolutely divine! Light & creamy, full of flavour and worked beautifully with the raspberry and cream. The popping candy was also a delightful surprise. I enjoyed every bite of my meal, and the cocktail was surprisingly complimentary of my food too.

Darlings, I really recommend Eden Bar & Grill! The food was absolutely delicious, and generous portions for such good value. The girls really enjoyed their brunch too, and the Bellini is the best I’ve ever tasted! I will say that the service was a little slow, especially considering it was a not-too-busy Sunday afternoon. I can’t wait to come back though, because there were plenty of dishes that intrigue me. Later we stopped by Pygmalion for more cocktails, which were also delicious, and their 2 for 1 Sunday cocktails special is handy!


On Sunday (July 24, 2016), the girls and I returned to Eden Bar & Grill for another delicious and truly satisfactory brunch. I ordered the Salmon & Caper Fishcakes, which was beautiful, fresh and full of flavour; followed by the Soft Meringue Roulade, which was quite possibly one of THE BEST roulade desserts I’ve ever encountered. Presentation and flavour were on point for both dishes. As I’m off alcohol until the end of the year now, I was delighted with the two mocktails the bar staff whipped up for me – a custom cocktail goes a long way! The girls also truly enjoyed their Bellinis (it’s still the best in town!), and also opted for new ones that both were served in a chalice! Brilliant! Amazing value and customer service yet again.


Earlier this month (April 1, 2017), I was back again for another brunch party with the girls. This time I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Asparagus, which was presented on a wooden board, with poached eggs, bacon atop toasted sourdough bread, and a pot of hollandaise sauce on the side. Although this was also a delicious meal with flavour and plenty of sauce, it wasn’t as satisfying as the previous two mains I have tried, and its presentation was a bit of a let down. I asked for a side of avocado salsa, which I feel was needed to complete this dish. For dessert I chose the Soft Meringue Roulade again  – and that definitely didn’t disappoint! I also opted for the Calming of the Storm cocktail, which was delightful.

Tried & Tested


Gingerbread Bourbon cocktail

Bellini cocktail

Calming of the Storm cocktail

Blackberry mocktail

Strawberry & passionfruit mocktail



Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Rosti (served with broccoli, spinach, poached eggs, roast tomato & hollandaise sauce)

Salmon & Caper Fishcakes (served with poached egg, dill hollandaise & hash browns)

Eggs Benedict with Asparagus (served with soft poached eggs, bacon, hollandaise & sourdough toast)

Chocolate Mousse (served with raspberry compote & creme chantilly)

Soft Meringue Roulade (with strawberry, mascarpone & lemon sorbet)


Eden Bar & Grill, 7 South William Street, DUBLIN 2



Images © Nirina Plunkett, Eden Bar & Grill

3 thoughts on “Brunching at Eden Bar & Grill

  1. Duane Richardson says:

    Sounds your girls having fun moment with Eden Bar and Grill. We would like to try there also, if we could find the time.


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