Trocadero Restaurant, Dublin

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Last Saturday (October 10, 2015), I went to Trocadero Restaurant for a pre-theatre dinner with my best friend Killian before seeing Oedipus at the Abbey Theatre. It was a really enjoyable dinner & experience, with thanks to Zomato and Trocadero themselves as I was gifted a dining voucher. The Trocadero has been open for 58 years now, first established in 1957, and by gosh it has stunning history & character to it. (It’s as old as my Mam would have been, bless!) I love the extensive amount of photos on the walls of the restaurant of iconic film, theatre & television actors as well as musicians from around the world and more. We were seated in the back corner of the restaurant, with a fabulous view of the whole premises and were given the option of the Pre-Theatre or À La Carte menus, of which we opted for the former.

The food was divine! I ordered the salmon to start, which was a generous amount of smoked salmon on a soft & fluffy black pepper-flavoured blini with a dollop of mascarpone, and tomatoes & chives to garnish. The salmon was fresh and really goes well with the mascarpone, but that blini is just perfect! Next was my main course, which was the roast breast of chicken that was served on a bed of sautéed tomatoes & olives and surrounded by a Provencal sauce. The chicken was extremely succulent and cut very easily, the sautéed vegetables were perfect with the chicken and the sauce was just beautiful with its light and creamy texture. All the components of the dish worked well together, and the accompanying boiled potatoes, chips & roast carrots were lovely too – the chips were especially tasty! Killian really enjoyed his starter and main course, I had a try of the beef steak and it was beautiful. The wine we had was also lovely; I opted for the white Sauvignon Blanc, while Killian had a red wine to match his beef.

Overall this was a truly delicious and enjoyable experience. The food & flavours were beautiful. Unfortunately we didn’t have time before the play to taste their desserts, but next time I’ll ensure to have a go. The service was excellent at Trocadero. All of the staff were friendly, house manager Robert Doggett was as good as they come if not better with his warm smile and welcoming character, our waiter was polite and informative, and had good banter with us too. The bathrooms are clean and the dining area is just lovely. A big thank you to Zomato and Trocadero for this voucher, I’ll be back for sure to wine & dine again!

Tried & Tested


Marquese de Plata Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeo

Starters (Pre-Theatre)

Double Smoked Salmon (served with black pepper blini, mascarpone and chive)

Caesar Salad (Romaine lettuce, fresh anchovies, croutons and Parmesan shavings)

Main Course (Pre-Theatre)

Free Range Chicken (served with Provencal sauce, black olives and vine tomatoes)

Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak 10oz (served with peppercorn sauce and caramelised pearl onions)

Pommes Frites, Boiled Potatoes, Roast Carrots

Trocadero Restaurant, 4 St. Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2

Click to visit Trocadero Restaurant

Images © Nirina Plunkett, DublinTown

*I did attend as a non-paying guest for this experience, but that does not influence the authenticity of this review.

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