Söder + Ko, George’s Street, Dublin

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There are a handful of restaurants that I would name as my Forever Favourites, and Söder + Ko is slowly becoming one of them. On Thursday (August 20, 2015) after work, two events and sadly missing two other events, my brother and I headed for dinner at Söder + Ko. Having been to this Asian-Scandinavian restaurant before, for the Brunch with The Taste, I had truly high hopes for this meal. My brother and I have a great love for Asian food, and the menu instantly excites. We ordered to share and opted for a steamed bun, dim sum, chicken wings and a side of rice. The chicken wings arrived first, and it’s their coating that has me in love. Deep-fried in rice flour to give it a tasty, crispy coating and served with both hot & sour sauces, scallion slices, celery and chilli pepper slices, these are the ultimate chicken wings. Their flavour is delicious, succulent chicken with the perfect crispy texture and what’s more, they stayed hot in temperature the whole time!

Next up the steamed bun & dim sum arrived, and our waitress let us know what all the sauces were, as well as informing us that the whole of the crab is edible. We went halvesies on the steamed bun, because this is a truly delicious flavour everyone needs to experience. The sticky steamed bun is filled with a generous amount of marinated pulled pork, hoi sin sauce, pickled cucumbers and spring onions. Oh my gosh! It could be the best pulled pork I’ve ever eaten out! (My brother takes the crown for “best ever” – sorry!) Next I dug into the prawn dumplings, which are very flavoursome and have agood texture to its dumpling case that go perfectly with the rice. Then I moved on to the crab, which was a first to eat a softshell crab. Coated and deep-fried, served with Thai basil, lemongrass, lettuce, a lime wedge and a miso mayonnaise. I created a lettuce sandwich with my crab, smearing on the mayo, a squeeze of lime and then going all-in. And what a tasty piece of crab it was! Crispy, soft and flavoursome. I kind of wish I wasn’t sharing.

This was a delicious meal. I really enjoyed every bite of my dinner, which all went down well with my cocktail. The food is very fresh, very tasty and very well presented. Value for money was extremely good, it was €35 for the two of us and the service at Söder + Ko is brilliant. A big thank you to manager Nuala for the drinks and all of the staff for a great dinner!

Tried & Tested


Mjunka Martini

Dungarvan Irish Blonde Ale


Dim Sum – King Prawn Steamed Dumplings; Softshell Crab with Thai Basil, Lemongrass, Miso Mayo, Lime

Steamed Buns – Pulled Pork with Hoi Sin sauce, Pickled Cucumbers, Spring Onions

Hot’n’Sour Chicken Wings

Egg Fried Rice

Söder + Ko, 64 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2

Click to visit Söder + Ko

Images © Nirina Plunkett

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