Song of the Week: G.R.L. – Lighthouse (2015)

I am a big fan of girl group G.R.L. and was heartbroken when member Simone Battle took her own life in September 2014. Their musical style is brilliant, their fashion style is funky and this song is absolutely everything. Lauren Bennett, Emmalyn Estrada, Natasha Slayton, and Paula van Oppen have undoubtedly had an extremely tough year since Simone’s death, and after a brief hiatus the girls reemerged and continued G.R.L. as a quartet. Recorded in memory of Simone, they released Lighthouse in January of this year after having teamed up with Give an Hour, an American organization that helps raise awareness of mental health issues. The accompanying music video was heartbreaking to watch the first time, it was a true tribute in memory of Simone. The girls wanted to make the video about their lost member and worked closely with Simone’s family, who contributed footage and photos of her for the video. The final moment in the video where the four remaining girls embrace and break down is an absolute tear-jerker, so get your tissues ready…

Writers: Lukasz Gottwald, Theron Thomas, Timothy Thomas & Henry Walter

Music Video directed by: Daniel Carberry

Click to buy G.R.L. – Lighthouse on iTunes

If you or someone you know is down in the dumps, depressed or distant – talk to them, and let them know it’s ok to talk about it. Depression is not something to ignore. Mental health is important to express and support.

Know the Signs | The Campaign to Change Direction

Know the Signs | The Campaign to Change Direction

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