Zaragoza, South William Street, Dublin

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On Friday evening (July 31, 2015), myself and my friend Killian went for dinner at Zaragoza on South William Street. I have walked past this Spanish restaurant plenty of times but for Friday’s feast, I decided to try it out. The restaurant itself is extremely impressive on the inside, and its interior & structural designs are beautiful. We were given a seat at the window with a view of the entire dining room, which was a brilliant spectacle to have. The menu offers a huge variety of tapas, and it recommends to order two tapas or three pinchos, so Killian and I got the five between us to share.

The cheese sticks were so tasty, crispy on the outside & cheesy on the inside and its side of compote was the perfect accompaniment. The sundried tomato tapenade and its crisp toasts were lovely too, a nice cleanser after the cheese. The two chicken dishes were absolutely gorgeous; the chicken wings were sweet & sour with a tangy honey glaze, and the garlic chicken breasts were cooked to perfection with plenty of its white wine sauce. As a final palette cleanser, the salmon toasts were just divine; they were so flavoursome and you could really make out all of the ingredients, from the lobster mayonnaise to the orange zest & caviar.

Killian and I also opted for desserts, and for once I didn’t go for a chocolate-something! The fruity sorbets I ordered had such a strong flavour and were the perfect way to end my meal. I did try Killian’s chocolate fondant dessert, and I must say that it’s one of the best fondants I’ve ever had! Both of us really enjoyed our dinner at Zaragoza and I’ll definitely be back. Brilliant service and extremely attentive staff, delicious food, highly recommend it!

Tried & Tested


Cono Sur Sibarita’s Selection Sauvignon Blanc, 2014 vintage


Alitas de Pollo (Spicy & crispy honey glazed chicken wings with blue cheese dip)

Pollo al Ajillo (Free range chicken breast, creamy garlic white wine sauce)

Tostados de Salmon (Cured smoked salmon toast, light lobster mayonnaise & black caviar)

Sundried Tomato Tapenada with toasted bread

Crispy Coated Cheese Sticks



Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

Selection of Sorbets (Coconut, Mango & Strawberry)

Zaragoza, 17/18 South William Street, Dublin 2

Click to visit Zaragoza


Images © Nirina Plunkett

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