Captain America’s, Grafton Street, Dublin

Cookie FM Rating – 3/5

For a family girls night (July 25, 2015), we headed to Captain America’s as it catered to all our needs: food, cocktails, good atmosphere and allowed my 16 y/o sister to stay late! The menus had such a huge variety it was rather hard to just choose one main course, but I opted for one of their new-to-the-menu burgers, the BBQ Sloppy Joe’s, as I was rather peckish.

Some of the starters ordered arrived later than others, which was a pity as it meant our mains were then delayed. Their cocktail list does have a good variety of choices, with €7 glasses or €25 pitchers on offer. My first cocktail was great; it was nice and strong, however I can’t compliment the pitcher I later shared as it just tasted like juice. Three types of alcohol are listed in the mix but I couldn’t taste any. Disappointing, especially at €25 per pitcher.

The main I ordered was very tasty, and messy like promised. The fried mushroom slices & onion strings were a perfect combination with the peppery BBQ sauce and that soft bun. There was even an extra side sauce – happy days! Though very tasty and the chips were plentiful, the course as a whole lacked more fresh vegetables or even a side salad for a contrast. (Chips, baked potato or salad are the inclusive options). I also ordered dessert, which was as delicious as chocolatey goodness always is. The staff was friendly but slow even when the restaurant quietened down. Overall a nice place but it needs to keep closer attention to the details.

Tried & Tested


Dark & Stormy (glass)

Zombie (pitcher)

Main Course

BBQ Sloppy Joe’s (served in a soft bun with chopped minced beef, fried mushrooms, fried onions and tangy BBQ sauce topped with melted cheddar cheese)


Captain’s Brownie

Captain America’s, 44 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Click to visit Captain America’s

Images © Nirina Plunkett

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